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Introductions / Hello from the Philippines!
« on: July 31, 2015, 01:01:07 AM »
Hi, everyone!

I'm Katê [kə-‘tɛ] from the Philippines. I work as an editor in a publishing company with my daily life at work consisting of being critical, spotting mistakes, and doing things all over again. As my way of bringing back my interests in the creative field, I decided to try my hands at calligraphy. Been just doing drills I found from different sites and from what I learned in a workshop I attended last week. Now, I'm excited to learn from all of you. :) I'm happy to join this forum where introverts and shy people like me do not feel intimidated to mingle and learn.

Maraming salamat sa pagbasa/pakikinig!
Thank you for reading/listening!

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