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Erica McPhee:
It's a bit late but our first exchange of the year is always a favorite! Who doesn't LOVE to get Valentines?!

This will be a quick sign up and turn around as Valentine's Day is a month from today. I wanted to give everyone a chance to recover from the holiday and get the new year started. I would suggest if you are signing up - start working on your actual exchanges now so you only have the envelopes left to complete once you get your list (typically 6-8 members on a list).

* If you did not complete a past exchange you signed up for, you cannot participate.
* If you will be busy and cannot meet your obligation, please do not sign up. It is not OK to think, "Life happens" and not fulfill your obligation. It is OK if circumstances require you to send your exchanges late, however, you will still not be able to participate in an exchange until yours are sent.
* You must be a registered, activated member and you must have made at least one post, introductory or otherwise, in order to participate.
Sign Up Deadline: Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020
Post Mark Deadline: Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020

Sign up here: Love Letters 2020 Exchange Sign Up form


As always, the following guidelines apply:

1. Calligraphy should be used on both your exchange insert and envelope.
2. You will send a card to every member on your list (typically 7-9 members).
3. Must be related to the theme.
4. All skill levels welcome!
5. If you end up not being able to participate, please contact me ASAP. If you don't send your cards after the list has gone out, you will not be able to participate in the next exchange.
6. You must sign up before the deadline. No late sign ups.

Woohoo, excited for this one! I'm looking forward to the new exchanges for this year!! Thank you Erica!!   :)

Yay!  I'm excited for this one, too!  :)

I signed up for the exchange, but havenít received a list of names.  Has this exchange been cancelled? Thanks!

I have to apologize to everyone on list 2. I posted everything today at my local post office but ran into a few issues. I did learn a lot more about mailing letters first class though.

I had read but misunderstood the regulations for sending first class mail and thought I would just need to add a non machinable stamp to each letter because they fell under the size/weight limitations for first class mail. I went to the post office with a bunch of extra stamps (including nonmachinable stamps) but found out my letters had to be sent as packages because of their rigidity. This would have been ok too but my local post office was completely out of higher denomination stamps (ie global and above). The long and short of it is that my letters will arrive with a really huge packaging label on them. The person at the post office was really gracious about it and tried to put the labels on as unobtrusively as possible.

Crossing my fingers that my exchange letters arrive on time. Sorry for the huge packaging labels (if only they covered my mistakes too - and while Iím wishing... had pretty flourishes, were much smaller and looked like stamps ).


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