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2020 Exchange List


Erica McPhee:
Exchange List for 2020! Some really cool/fun/interesting exchanges for this year! Download the attached PDF for the full schedule.

1.   Love Letters an annual favorite Valentine inspired exchange.
2.   Quarantine In light of CoVID-19 and the world-wide shut down - share thoughts, advice, reflections, positive thoughts, etc. Please keep it respectful and thoughtful.
3.   Non-conforming Envelope tiny, large, odd shaped surprise us with a non-traditional envelope.
4.   Mundane Achievement Award The Double Tap Insta award, the Adulting award, or the Everyday Achievement certificate. Celebrate the every day!
5.   Roaring 20s flappers, The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, hello my baby!
6.   Quo Vadis - 20/20 Vision Where are you going? What is your vision for the future? Open interpretation!
7.   Halloween | Day of the Dead Don't be scared - it's more treat than trick.
8.   Holiday | New Year The ever-popular end of the year exchange in honor of all things holiday and happy.


This is one terrific list. Excellent. I'm all in.


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