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2020 Non-conforming Envelope Exchange Sign Ups are Now Closed

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Erica McPhee:
This is going to be FUN! Sign UPs for the 2020 Non-conforming Envelope Exchange are now closed.

Tiny, LARGE, odd shaped, clear, sparkly, brightly colored - whatever you want it to be - this exchange is about going outside the box to create a unique, "non-conforming" envelope!

However, I must advise - with COVID-19 and the US mail having delivery issues, I would urge you to consider putting your "non-conforming" envelope inside a traditional envelope. I know this spoils some of the fun but it would be a shame to lose all of your hard work and I think our postal workers' tolerance levels are at an all time low right now. I do not want to add to their stress.

Sign up deadline: Wed, April 29, 2020
Postmark deadline: Mon, May 18, 2020

(Sign ups are now closed.)



* If you did not complete a past exchange you signed up for, you cannot participate.
* If you will be busy and cannot meet your obligation, please do not sign up. It is not OK to think, "Life happens" and not fulfill your obligation. It is OK if circumstances require you to send your exchanges late, however, you will still not be able to participate in an exchange until yours are sent.
* You must be a registered, activated member and you must have made at least one post, introductory or otherwise, in order to participate.
As always, the following guidelines apply:

1. Calligraphy should be used on both your exchange insert and envelope.
2. You will send a card to every member on your list (typically 7-9 members).
3. Must be related to the theme.
4. All skill levels welcome!
5. If you end up not being able to participate, please contact me ASAP. If you don't send your cards after the list has gone out, you will not be able to participate in the next exchange.
6. You must sign up before the deadline. No late sign ups.

Woohoo! Count me in!   :)
Thanks for putting this together Erica!

Inked botanicals:
I have a book full of non-conventional envelope ideas!! But, since covid has us here still in quarantine mode I havenít been able to send my previous exchange yet. I donít have a mailbox in the way to any place we are allowed to go, post office is just opened for 2 hours in the morning and people get in line for it (long line) and my mailman has not come in a full week. There is no date yet for the end of quarantine. I donít want to add any more to my already late exchanges, so I will be using non conventional envelopes for the next exchanges! Have fun!!

Erica McPhee:
I am still working on my exchanges.  :-[ Hopefully I will get them out tomorrow. They're taking a bit longer than I expected.  ;)

Bianca M:
I somehow completely missed that this exchange was happening!  Bummer!  Ah well, have fun.


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