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Day 24 - 2023: Shallow

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@AnasaziWrites - what a stunning photo (and cool shallow focus on the beautiful script as well). Clever!

And thank you for confirming my "bots" theory about high view counts on random posts, @Erica McPhee - as well as for your kind thoughts about my "Celestial/Heavenly". @tiffany.c.a - yes! bleach! also a bit of salt.

@Cyril Jayant - your drawings are so much fun!

This prompt ended up with a sort of conceptual piece for me: Shallow = Vapid (and I get a V for my alphabet).

Then I get some visual puns in: (hey, @Zivio - this might be your sort of thing; not exactly pedantry, but some intellectual free-associating)

The shimmer ink gives a reference to Thomas Gray's poem about a cat drowned in a bowl of goldfish, ending with the admonition:
Not all that tempts your wandering eyes
And heedless hearts, is lawful prize;
Nor all that glisters, gold.

The shimmer ink on the V is Diamine's "Tempest" as in "tempest in a teapot"
The mirror in the bowl of the V mirrors the eye of the beholder.
Which is the "I" of the beholder (and my first self-portrait!)
And the ink on the "apid" of Vapid is called "Alice" from the novel "Through the Looking Glass"

This one is brilliant. Clever. Sophisticated. Introspective. Self effacing. Conceptually complex and well executed. Wow. Love it.

@AnasaziWrites, gorgeous butterfly/flower photo and really like how you matched the writing.

@K-2, wow we get a chance to see (a bit) of you! Your skills are great and so versatile. The inks worked.

Cyril Jayant:
@AnasaziWrites  Nice writing as always.

@K-2  Your conceptual  ink drawing with more refined calligraphy ideas always bolw my mind
Thank you both for the inspirational work.
Thank you again  supporting my work. ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Now it is my turn to add just a droplet to this ocean of creativity here.  ;

Again my " Déjà Vu " series  on the INTOBER 23 from point of view of the Peanut world,
So I am glad to be here, and I did my catching  up the challenge!!!

Day 24 - Shallow.



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