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Day 29 - 2023: Massive

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From the Galapagos, 2018.

Cyril Jayant:
My apologies for  posting my image 29  MASSIVE on a separate thread as I did not see this thread. So I thought I am the first one for this thread to start.

@AnasaziWrites I love your image  and  it is well done. That is a heavy weight  "massive" indeed.

Cyril Jayant:
 DAY 29 - Massive

Lucie Y:
@AnasaziWrites I had no idea the turtles could get this massive! thanks for the pic!

@Cyril Jayant I'm so glad you joined Inktober after all and are providing us with all those adorable cartoons.

@K2 thank you for sharing your expertise once again. No worries about justifying. The inner kid NEEDED that pretty shiny bottle, after way too much adulting lately, so I wasn't going to feel bad! But if you thought it was a terrible choice, I could totally hear it  ;D ;D ;D
In the end you made me even more excited about receiving them, so thank you! (and I need that Iron ore now)

Here's my entry. I struggled a bit, but the point is to struggle in order to find solutions. I know I've done a bit of progress today.
Now my next homework is to write a whole quote in a nice layout. With variations. By Thursday. Seriously, who lives at this speed? I'm toast.

Apart from this, I never thought I would enjoy Fraktur this much. So it's a nice surprise!

Night night everyone!

@AnasaziWrites - Some people say I live a life of globe-trotting adventure, full of exciting discoveries in manuscript libraries, but YOU, sir, are the true glob-trotting adventurer! (actually, nobody who is familiar with my research says anything of the sort of me; even other medievalists are amazed at the tedium involved)
* But Mike - does it say more about you that you recognized the blurry tiny label on my "Sparkle/Effervesce" bottle, or about me insofar as I didn't bother looking at a reference photo to draw it, but that it was still recognizable to you.  ;)

I think I might take your suggestion and pop open a bottle of La Veuve when the month is over - It's been an absolutely vile stretch at work, but Inktober has kept me sane and grounded in the sort of work I like to do best (even as my administrative overlords have kept me too busy to do my actual job). It's given me a sample alphabet for a potential collaborative project too!

@Cyril Jayant - I agree with Mike about your "Sparkle" drawing - your best yet!

@Lucie Y - I'm looking forward to hearing about and seeing work with your new inks when they arrive! Please start a new thread about them! And I have to know if the bottle design does not simultaneously and equally delight you with its beauty and dismay you with its utter impracticality.
* I did a review of the Atlas Iron Ore on this thread:
* I keep a 2.4mm Parallel pen loaded with it at all times!  However, you may be disappointed in that it is ONLY available at the Atlas Stationers in Chicago, IL. That's the place I get my Inkvent sets from too, Mike - I have a lot of rewards points from their customer loyalty program, so I got a pretty big discount on it  ;D  Have I opened it!? Before the start of Advent?! What are you accusing me of, Sir? Self-restraint? You know I have none! I mean, how else am I going to get all the swatch cards ready so that I can figure out what to draw with them in December?

* Hey, maybe I should buy some ink instead of that Veuve Clicquot as a reward for finishing the month! It's way less expensive and it lasts longer too! Justification unlocked!

Here is my take on "Massive" - I need an X for my alphabet though, so I down-sized it to eXtra large.


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