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Great question! For our members who may not be familiar with Dr. Seuss, he was an amazing author and artist who wrote some of our most beloved children's books.

His website: has lots of information about him and his books.

His writing had a very unique, lyrical, rhyming style. And the illustrations were creative and colorful.

The theme for the exchange is anything related to Dr. Seuss books, whether it be characters, quotes, a poem you write and calligraph in the same style, etc.

I hope that is helpful!  :D

thank you for the explanation...

Hi @Erica McPhee ,

May I ask, actually what is the theme of  Dr. Seuss? is it about alpabet?  ;D

Hi all,

I've received all the 6wonderful holiday exchange cards in list 5, there are from @tintenfuchs @vickiefinley @wfung @Inked botanicals @theochrebelly @Ashleysellars and 1 from Lisa Holtzman that not in the list .

Thank you for the great exchange @Erica McPhee

HI @vickiefinley

actually post in my country is late, mine has not yet arrived to all the recipient :(  I've sent it on 15 December.  I hope in this week all can show up.

Show & Tell / Re: My Calligraphy Wedding Invitations
« on: January 08, 2018, 05:25:42 AM »
wow, it is so beautifull...  ;D

Hi @Erica McPhee ,

I've recieved 1 from the list 5, it is from @wfung. The envelope is so pretty. :)


Hi Erica,

for Me, I would love learn flourishing.  ;D ;D

Introductions / Hello from Indonesia
« on: July 03, 2017, 07:03:41 AM »

My name is Suwarni, I'm Indonesian born chinese who live in Medan, Indonesia. I learn modern calligraphy from last month (june 2017),  and really like it

I'm really happy to find this forum since calligraphy's workshop is hard to find in Medan.   I find alot of information, alot of tips, a lot of lessons in this forum.

thank you for this beautiful forum

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