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'Tis the Season - Letterpress Holiday Card

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Linda Y.:
Just wanted to share a project from about two years ago, since it's the holiday season and we were talking about letterpress here. This was the final project for my first formal calligraphy class ever - Copperplate! And please keep in mind I'm no pro so this is totally a fun/amateur attempt at calligraphy & getting it letterpressed.

I penned the text, scanned it in, vectorized it in Illustrator, and designed the card. I worked with a lovely letterpress printer in Santa Cruz, CA who printed on Crane Lettra white. It was a great learning experience. It was definitely a splurge to get letterpressed holiday cards made, but it was so worth it to see my work in printed form.

Thank you for looking! :)


Gorgeous! I've gotta get started on these classes and learn how to vectorize some stuff! (Do it well, anyway...)

Linda Y.:
Thanks Emily - it was fun to do a project from start to finish. I had never done anything letterpressed before, so I was worried about the thin lines disappearing. Now I know I can be a little be more forgiving and make the thin lines thinner and the thick lines thicker!

Vectoring the whole thing in Illustrator w/my mouse took forever, too. I'm going to ask Santa for a pen & tablet. ;D

Your cards are so pretty! That must have been a great class.

Erica McPhee:
Wow Linda! These are so beautiful! You did a fabulous job. Just beautiful!!!

 I ordered letterpress plates for this year's card. I'm going to attempt the L Letterpress again. I'll keep you posted.

Hey, if you have any of these left over, you could sign up for the holiday exchange.  ;D


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