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French Paper Co.


Hi Everyone,
Has anyone ever ordered paper for Calligraphy from French Paper Company?  If so, what were the results for pointed pen?  I was on the phone with customer service today, and the rep said that she didn't think it would be good for Calligraphy.  Has anyone had any experience with their paper?
I'm looking for a nice heavy paper/card stock. 

Thank you for your help.
Here's their link.


Erica McPhee:
Hi Roseann,
I've actually never heard of this company before. But I would believe what she said. Although it looks like there are various manufacturers. Do they offer a sample pack? It might be worth getting it if they do.

On a similar note, I recently ordered a few different sample packs of letterpress paper from legion papers. It cost me almost $60 and was not worth it!


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