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Right size for pictures?


Hi Erica,

I would like to know what format and size works best as attachment ? I tried different sizes of JPGs, 1200px wide, now down to 600, but still I get this mini-preview so that you have to click on the little attachment icon to see the full size picture. I see other pictures like that too, but also some you can see instantly would be nice to know that!

Thank you very much, Stefanie

Erica McPhee:
Hi Stefanie!
I created a tutorial and posted it to help explain the best way to save a file for web and post to the forum.

You can see it here:

Please let me know if you have any questions!  :D

Thank you very much! So the problem wasn't the file size but that I posted attachments instead of links I will do that the next time.

I really enjoy this forum thanks!

Erica McPhee:
You're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoy it!  :D


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