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A test to insert a photo into a post

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Here's where I'll add my photo -------->

1. Went to Flickr and copied the link to the photo.
2. Clicked on the "Mona Lisa" above and pasted the link between
3. Tested it in "Preview" below.
4. Shows the screen where I entered the code blank in Preview.


Erica McPhee:
Hmmm... it's like magic ... haha!

Can you paste the link without the codes around it?

ewigginton:[email protected]/11326708503/

Erica McPhee:
As far as I can tell, the answer lies in how the photo is set up in flickr. I think it is possible the photo is not set up to share? They said they include BBcode which is for bulletin boards.

Here is their FAQ on the topic:

The HTML code to embed a photo in a web page that you used to find on the All Sizes page is now only in the Share menu on the photo, to the left of the More menu. We now also include BBCode! (standard message board code)

There are a few cases where the code may not be available: 1) If the photo is restricted. 2) If that person has turned off "Share this" or access to original files.

The direct link to a photo file is no longer shown on the page. Per the Flickr Community Guidelines "pages on other websites that display content hosted on must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr." Linking directly to the photo file doesn't do this.

Hmmm. I'll look into that but my Flickr pics show on my blog via Flickr so maybe they've changed something I'm not aware of. This doesn't explain the photos I tried to share via Paper and Inks website. Normally you just insert the web address and it would show up.

Has anyone else on here been able to share photos using the icon?

Thanks, Erica.

Adding the BB Code:

Shoot! It didn't work!

All my photos are set to be viewable by anyone.


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