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I didn't have time for Words of the Days because among other things I had to (well, had promised to ) make this poster for a neighbourhood theater event. It was fun but also quite more work than I thought in the beginning (like most times). I am still not happy with some details (the flourish on the bottom is somehow off) it was a great learning experience. And it had to go to the printer today, so here it is:

Der gestiefelte Kater by Estefa1317, on Flickr

And I think the linking or uploading or whatever worked wonderful!

The original is black on white (except the illustration which I did like it is without inverting it), this is heavily retouched / layouted and rearranged in Photoshop.

Erica McPhee:
Oh, this is just magnificent! Wow! So beautiful! I hope they appreciate your hard work and beautiful design!

Linda Y.:
it's beautiful! I love that you can combine your design expertise with calligraphy. Really makes everything stand out!

Thank you both so much for your kind words!! The good thing about this kind of no-budget jobs is that usually I can create whatever I like I will go today and hang them in some shops etc. in our quarter.



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