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Hello-Donna Jeanne Koepp of White Wolf Studio

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Thank you for this forum.

I'm Donna Jeanne Koepp and I'm an ecclectic artist who loves illustration, lettering, book arts and certainly calligraphy.

I live near Reno, Nevada and am fortunate to have a wonderful calligrapher in my city who is also a dear friend. I've taken every class she offers and recently branched out to some online classes in pointed pen (which I adore).

I belong to the Friends of Calligraphy guild in San Francisco and just this last weekend traveled to Mystic Connecticut to join the Mystic Calligraphers in a wonderful workshop.

I look forward to being a part of this online community and hopefully can contribute where I can.

Erica McPhee:
Hi Donna Jeanne,
Thanks so much for joining the forum. You are an adventurous artist! CT is beautiful this time of year. I hope you enjoyed your workshop. I looked at your website and your illustration is amazing. Do you spend time on My youngest loves it and it has really helped with her writing. I love it for admiring all the artists.

We usually host an international calligraphy artist in February here in Sarasota, FL (right near Siesta Key Beach, the #1 ranked beach in America). Unfortunately, next Feb we won't be hosting anyone but perhaps one year you can travel here for a workshop.

Looking forward to seeing your lettering work! Welcome to the forum!

Hi, Donna - so nice to meet you! How wonderful that you've had the opportunity to take so many great workshops!

FrenchBlue Joy:
I met Donna in a Harvest Crittenden class!  So nice to see you here, Donna.  We need to spread the word to the other 'Little Acorns'.  ;)

Thank you Erica, Lisa and Joy,

I'll check out sounds intriguing for sure, Erica.

I'm excited to see a forum of young calligraphers come together. There is always a conversation amoung some of us wondering if younger people will take up the craft since they don't even teach handwriting in shcool anymore. Well, I think using new technology young people relate to is key. And this type of forum is a great way to go.

Can't wait to contribute.


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