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Erica McPhee:
I saw this black ornate oval frame at Michaels last night and grabbed it from the clearance bin for $2. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

I lettered various Halloween words in Spencerian for the background. I then drew a witch silhouette. Finally, I lettered "Good Witch" in orange gouche. I worked quickly and while the gouche was still wet, I sprinkled orange glitter on it. I wish you could see how it sparkles in real life!

I'm including a picture of a flat version of the calligraphy so you can see the lettering. This was really fun. I don't make as much time to play as I should so why not start now!

What have you been up to?

The sparkly glitter is so pretty! I love that effect, but I've never tried it. I have some really fine Martha Stewart glitter in lots of pretty colors that might work well...

Erica McPhee:
Thanks Lisa - it looks way better in real life. And... I used the Martha Stewart glitter! I've had the multi pack just sitting in my treasure chest for so long.

Oh, good to know! I'm the same way...I've had that glitter for so long, but rarely use it. Honestly, it is in large because, while I love the sparkle and glitter is one of my favorite things in theory, I don't love finding it all over my studio forever afterwards! :) The sparkly bottles do look pretty sitting on my shelf, though! ;)

Erica McPhee:
Ha! I have two long haired cats who insist on sitting next to my lightboard while I'm lettering and sometimes insist on climbing on top of it when I'm done! Let's just say they both were a little more sparkly yesterday!  ;D


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