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Gilliot 303 "skipping" and getting stuck in paper

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Hello everybody! I have a nib problem...(or is it?!)

I bought a couple of Gilliot 303 nibs and I was so looking forward to seeing those high contrast lines...but then kkkrrrrr the nib got stuck in the paper on most upward strokes. I thought it was a paper problem, so I changed the paper, but again it got stuck, "skipping" on the paper, making an ink mess whenever I make an upward movement.
I thought there was a problem with the nib, so I tried the second one, but no, same result. Even on some smooth Rhodia sheets, same thing happens.

Let's assume the nibs have no fault and the paper is perfectly smooth, does that problem derive from the angle of the nib on the paper? Do I have to adjust my arm and slant? I have nearly zero problems with other "fine" nibs (Gilliot 404, Hunt extra fine 22)

Am I the only one having this problem?


Erica McPhee:
Good morning!

No, you aren't the only one. The older nibs are notoriously more finicky. It could be the lot the nibs came from or it could just be that style of nib overall. I find 303s to require a much lighter touch. And they do snag more.

In fact, even though nibs like Hunt 22s and 56s and 101s, etc. used to be my stand-bys, I don't use them all too often now with the Nikko Gs, Zebras, and Hiro 41. When I do go back to them, I remember I liked the lines they produced! And then I remember how much trickier they are to master!

Thank you Erica for your reply! I will try to stay away from it for a while and explore different nibs.
However, I find the Nikko G and Zebra nibs to be kinda hard, I can't create nice contrasts.

Is it maybe because I only used them twice? Do they get more flexible with usage?? I wonder..

Linda Y.:
Michaela, it sounds like you might have a softer hand then, if you find the G nibs more stiff (and they are). Have you tried Brause EF66? I find it really nice & "soft" yet doesn't catch as much.

I like the Brause EF66 as well, it's pretty flexible. I find that with the pressure I use, though, I get much finer lines with the Nikko G. You'll find the right one for you!


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