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Erica McPhee:
Just wanted to put this here in case you aren't watching the tutorials but wondered!  :D

HP Premium Choice Laser ($17/500 sheets)

I also like

HP Bright White Inkjet ($12/500 sheets) - Not quite as smooth but seems to work fine without snagging or skips.

Would like to hear if other's enjoy any others!

Rhodia dot pads for practice! :)

In the Philippines, I buy Bevania white paper for drafts.

In France (and almost Europe) there is no "HP Office Premium Laser" paper (because of paper format that don't mach). I tried to find something similar and ended on Clairefontaine DCP Laser 100g for my everyday practice. It's not expensive, really white, and has a good quality. I just ordered some "Clairefontaine  DCP 135g" and "Clairefontaine Clairalfa 120g" to see if there is a change. Will tell you as soon as I test them! ;)

PS: this is a humble advice from a beginner, you may have better suggests ;)

Sherry Lu:
I hear Clairefontaine paper is amazing. But it's hard to come by in Vancouver ;D

Erica McPhee:
Thank you for sharing that Vince! I had no idea HP paper wasn't available in other countries (how narrow minded of me!). I appreciate you sharing your favorites!   :D


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