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Nice Plume:
I'm on a other forum fountain pen lovers here in france by the way, lot of members are in love with calligraphy, and I've done some advertising about the flourish forum, so, I think some new members will join us  ;)
For most of them the best paper to test is RHODIA... And indeed, when I Started, with my teacher, I used Rhodias pads - great !!

Erica McPhee:
Thanks for the good word, Nora!  :)


--- Quote from: vince on January 16, 2014, 04:22:49 PM ---I just ordered some "Clairefontaine  DCP 135g" and "Clairefontaine Clairalfa 120g" to see if there is a change. Will tell you as soon as I test them! ;)

--- End quote ---
Hey Vince, did you ever get to test those papers?

 I would recommend Canson XL Marker, 70 gr: good for tracing but also good to use with ink.

Hi Deletras!
Welcome to the Forum! 


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