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Erica McPhee:
We have so many new members and we have covered so many AMAZING topics in the past year! I thought it would be fun and a nice access point for new members if others posted a link to their favorite thread and we will keep this a stickied topic.

You can just copy and paste the link or if you click on the Link button above (looks like the world with a piece of paper over it), you can then delete the second bracket and then type an equal sign and then paste the URL, then space, then the Link name, then the close URL brackets should already be in place. (I'll try to post a picture of this in a bit. When I type it, it automatically makes it a link instead of showing the example.)

Here's mine - hands down: Calligraphy rap diss thread

Sarah Foutz:
Oh my gosh, there are no words for that thread. There are a lot more talents here than just calligraphy!!!!

Well, that was my choice as well...

My favorite is the " You Know You're a Calligrapher When....

Judy G:
I haven't seen all threads, but my vote is the same as Rebecca's. The answers were really interesting and some were soooo funny!


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