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I get such a kick out of Calligraphy Confessions!

I hope I'm inserting the link correctly - its the "Then and Now" thread

When you feel like the difference between what you envision in your head versus what your hand is producing is so dismally drastic   :-[ - look over there for some amazing inspiration! Progress will come! I would like to post in that thread one day too  :)

(P.s. schin starts all the best threads... !!!)

I like the ones that you have mentioned, but my all-time favorite is this one from Ken:  Lordy!  I learned so much from that!!


This is a great idea! I've been trying to pretty much read everything the past few days since I've joined and I knew I had to be missing stuff. I also loved the You Know You're a Calligrapher When.. thread. And now I'm gonna have to check out the others listed :).


Thank you so much for putting this forum together!  I know how much work you must put into it and I am sure I speak for many in saying it does not go without so much appreciation! 

And, to all of those who reply to questions, or put up videos, and start topics that educate and enhance the love of this art, I am also so appreciative to.  So for me to pick one most favorite thread would be impossible as a newbie!  Let's just say I haven't found one yet I didn't like!!!

Thank you ALL!!!!  What a great network of people!!!



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