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How do I not miss anything good?!

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Erica McPhee:
A great question which I'm sure many might have as forums by nature are sometimes confusing until you figure out how the organization works. I tried really hard to organize Flourish and keep on topic within each thread. You may have noticed, I move threads sometimes to make sure they stay on topic.

Anyway, in terms of not missing anything there are a couple ways to do this!

1. When you first come into the forum, just under your "Hello member" in the upper left corner, there are two links:

- "Show unread posts since last visit."
- "Show new replies to your posts."

If you click on the first one, you can see a list of all the new posts since you last visited. Hooray!

2. When you are posting or replying to a thread, click on the "Attachments and other Options" just under the white box where you write your message and click the "Notify me of Replies" box.

3. Finally, go to any board you want and once inside the board, click on the button "notify" (2nd from right). This will sign you up to receive email notifications of all new posts in that board. I have done this for every board so I never miss a post.

4. When you first get to the forum, at the main page, if you scroll down and look just to the left of the category titles, there is a little slip of paper icon. It is typically grayed out if there aren't any new posts in that category. If there is a post you haven't seen yet, it is white with lines added to the paper to make it stand out. You then know there are new topics or posts.

Once you go inside the category, you can see an orange "new" icon next to the new threads or those with new replies.

I hope that helps! I would love to hear any suggestions you might have in terms of organizing or set up to help make the forum easier to navigate or find stuff!

thanks, erica!! "NOTIFIED" this post so i get notified of all future responses! haha!

won't be missing anything good on this topic!!  ;)

Nice Plume:
Very helpful  (I've already use the two links in the upper left corner... I will do your other advices. Thank youuuuu  ;)

Erica McPhee:
You're so welcome!  :D

What do the pink highlights stand for?


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