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How do I not miss anything good?!

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--- Quote from: Sarah Foutz on December 29, 2014, 01:33:21 PM ---Also, I have something to add to "Where do I go first?" My tip: the shower. Because I've been sitting here with my workout video all ready to go, and three hours later I'm still in my pj's. And if there are any other folks out there that are as compulsive as me, they might want to actually, you know, GET READY before just diving head-first into the videos. Just a thought. ;)

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You are cracking me up, girlie!!!!!

--- Quote from: Erica McPhee on September 29, 2014, 03:04:31 PM ---Hi Charissa,
The karma button is for when people want to thank a member for their contribution to the forum, answering a question, sharing their knowledge, etc. There is also a "like" button which is located in the upper right part of a post, next to "quote."

The membergroup title is based on post counts. So everyone starts as a newbie. They go up automatically with their post count:

0-50 posts = Newbie
50 posts = Junior Member
100 posts = Full Member
250 posts = Senior Member
500 posts = Hero Member
1,000 posts or more = Super Hero Member

Thanks for asking!  :)

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I really appreciate your effort to expalain karma in so much detail. I wish and try not to miss anything great posted on this forum as well as try to give as much input as I can true to the best of my knowledge.I am greatful to you for providing this platform for the newbie calligraphers like me.


Erica McPhee:
I am so happy to hear that! You just earned your first karma!  ;D

Thank you Erica, this is a tremendous help! :)


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