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Hello everybody, I'm both new to this forum and calligraphy and I'm really happy to be here to share and learn from all of you.

Thanks Erica for this great guides.

I did this one just for training, based on your "Step to contemporary calligraphy" sheet (with sumi ink, rhodia paper, hiro41 nib). I'll be happy to hear your feedbacks and your suggest to improve my calligraphy if you have some. Please be indulgent, I'm really new to this.

Thanks again!

The ONLY critique I have is that the "m's" are hard to read.  The mountain part should be a little closer.  IMO, since I'm a newbie too!
Other than that... it's perfect!!

Linda Y.:
Hi Vince, nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

I'm no expert, just an "advance beginner," but I find your letterspacing fairly consistent, and so are the thicknesses of the strokes. The slant angle is also very consistent. The letters have a wonderful, light & airy feel to them, plus great rhythm that I really like. Are you sure you're just a beginner??

The only part I see is the letterspacing of imagination - the "ati" are a bit tight, but it's really minor and not anything that would jump out.

Beautiful work :)

Thanks Perfectsettings & Linda for your kind encouragements and feedbacks =) I'll work again on it tomorrow. I totally agree with what you said, especially "ati" and "agi" looks a bit tight, the eye of the "g" is a bit round too.. maybe something that looks weird with the "w" too.

Yes Linda, just beginning since 3 weeks, but I have to say I spend like 3 hours everyday because I really love this practice so I've got some hours of writing behind me =)  Oh I forgot, I subscribed to Melissa Esplin's class something like one week ago, I didn't knew that this forum actually exists =) Anyway I don't regret the subscription to her class, it's interesting and she is a great person.

Erica McPhee:
Hi Vince,

Welcome to the forum! So happy to see you here. And I *love* that you shared some work for critique.  ;D

As Daisy and Linda said, your work is very nice! I agree with their critique as well. You have very good consistency and great letterforms!

The "m" in imagination reads fine because within the word, it is easily recognizable as an m. Because the "m" is the first, lead in letter for man, it makes it a little trickier to see right away that it is an m. Same for the "n" in no. Perhaps a shorter lead in and a tiny bit shorter initial stroke so it isn't confused for an h.

These are really common issues with contemporary lettering and we all do it. I tend to do it the most with n's since I like to do long descenders and bounce.

But don't be discouraged by any means - you are doing great!  ;D


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