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This is my first attempt to vectorize a word I wrote. I use Illustrator on a daily basis but I must say that making vector curves out of these lines is very challenging! Normally one should put a grid underneath so that all the slants are at the same angle, but I was too eager to try :P

This is still a work in progress, might add colors or other effects to it.

PS Haldus is the name of the kitten I will be taking home next week <3

Michela, I'm a novice at Illustrator so I have a question for you. When I bring in calligraphy to Ai, I just use Image Trace. Why is it necessary to redraw with the Pen Tool to create vector curves? Is it the precision???



Linda Y.:

That looks BEAUTIFUL, Michela! Vectoring calligraphy really puts the Bezier tool to work!

[Edited to Add] Which version of Illustrator are you using? One of the super talented digital lettering artists I follow on IG/Tumblr relies heavily on the width tool, which is new to CS5.

Erica McPhee:
Oh WOW Michela! That looks AMAZING!!!! Hooray! I'm so inspired! GREAT job!

I think the image trace is an amazing tool if you want to retain those "imperfections" along the lines...also, I do not feel that it gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to make changes! So yes, i guess it is better if you want to be 100% able to make small changes. Control freak!

Linda Y.
I used CS5, I actually tried to use the width tool but i still don't feel comfortable with it! I saw some examples using that tool, but with the anchor points, I still think I have maximum control! Could you share some width tool resources if you have?? Maybe I will start using it  :P

Thank you! I want to try and make at least 1-2 vector based words per week, even though it does take much longer than writing with the hand  :-\ will practice!


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