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HI all,
I had posted a couple of words on another thread and was asked where I got the guidelines from.  I do these guidelines myself using Illustrator.
I take a writing sample of the Old Masters that I like and draw guides and slants on it to understand how it is written and TRY to replicate it.   Most of the times, it's frustrating but it also gives me something to aim for.  Immediate aim precision and eventual aim-perfection.  ;D

I first draw in the horizontal (red) x heights and then make one pair of slants using an oval.  This slant is then replicated to get an idea of the size relation between the oval and other alphabets.
There is a lot of text in the instruction manuals of the Masters that explain the sizes, but this visual guide helps me a lot.

The one I am using now is written by Lupfer and it is for the capitals.
I made it so that there is a practise line for me after each of his words.  helps keep the focus on the page instead of having to refer to the computer all the time.

This is just a small example, but I made a printable pdf of the full thing and you could download  my guidelines here.

It has all the capitals and most of the minuscules.  The only ones not here are f,k,q,x and z.
It helped me a lot in getting spacing and sizes correct. 

Happy Writing :)

Judy G:
Yay! Thanks, Prasad!! :)

Sarah K:
This is awesome, thanks for putting this together!

Brad franklin:
thanks Prasad I will give it a try!

HI all,
BIG BIG apologies for the link I had given earlier.  I did not check the quality of the pdf I had linked to.   :(

I had been occupied with other stuff and it's just today that i printed what I had uploaded.  I admit it was a horrible quality.  IN my haste to upload, I did not realise that the Illustrator file was a low resolution image and should not print clearly.
The original that I had was about 8MB each page and that would have been to large to upload.

I figured out a way to  get the file size small but retain the quality of the guidelines so that it is printable.

I have redone it and here are the links if anyone is still interested

Page 1.

Page 2.

Page 3.

Again, huge sorry for the mess up


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