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Calligraphy on Glass


Hi Everyone,
Hope 2014 is treating everyone well so far!
I have an upcoming job where I need to write a few short sayings on glass vases - any advice on ink? I think I will have to use a small brush, but any advice on types of ink would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

Nice Plume:
Hi Charmaine, HNY to you  ;) I did orders on glass vases, I've used a special pen (SECURIT - CHALKMARKER good to write on chalk boards, windows or light boards). I think you can use as well UNI Posca pens (lots of colors !!)... it works as well  ... Hope it's help ;)
Nora :-*

Thanks so much! I will snag some of these from the art store when the vases arrive.
Thanks for your help! I love the glass picture ;)


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