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what do the different icons mean?

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like the karma score?  and how do you earn karma?
and the newbie, jr. member, etc...what are the guidelines?
i couldn't find a legend for the above...thanks!

Erica McPhee:
Hi Joi!

I'm glad you asked!

The karma button is like a "like" button except it is for when people want to thank a member for their contribution to the forum, answering a question, sharing their knowledge, etc.

The membergroup is based on post counts. So everyone starts as a newbie. They go up automatically with their post count:

0-50 posts = Newbie
50 posts = Junior Member
100 posts = Full Member
250 posts = Senior Member
500 posts = Hero Member

I am looking into adding a "like" button type function because it would be a nice way to let members know we like what they are saying without repeating ourselves or each other. But I haven't  had time to look at the mods or programming yet. And I recently had a security company add a backup feature so I want to make sure that works well before making any changes.

kudos to you...maintaining this forum sounds like a full time job to me!

Erica McPhee:
Thank you Joi! It is but I love every minute of it!  :D

FrenchBlue Joy:

I've kind of been using the "applaud" button under people's avatars as a "like" button, here and there. 


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