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what do the different icons mean?

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Sarah Foutz:
I am very free with applause and love to share karma whenever I can, especially to newbie members who may not have any because then they're like, hey, I'm wanted and appreciated here! and then they feel like a valuable part of the forum, which they truly are!!!

And I can't applaud Erica enough, which I try to do nearly every time I come to the forum because of her goodness in providing this amazing service!!!!! click [applause].  It's almost like having a one person standing ovation. It feels gooooood! 

So....if you see your good karma rising, know you're loved and appreciated BY ME.

Spread the love and SHARE THE KARMA, everyone!!! :) (how fast can we get Erica's up to 100???? GAME ON!)

Judy G:
Thank you, Sarah! {Good} karma back at 'ya! :)

Thank you, Joi. I was trying to find the legend, too, and glad I explored around and found this thread!

Brad franklin:

--- Quote from: Erica McPhee on January 29, 2014, 06:13:17 PM ---Hi Joi!

I'm glad you asked!

The karma button is like a "like" button except it is for when people want to thank a member for their contribution to the forum, answering a question, sharing their knowledge, etc.

The membergroup is based on post counts. So everyone starts as a newbie. They go up automatically with their post count:

0-50 posts = Newbie
50 posts = Junior Member
100 posts = Full Member
250 posts = Senior Member
500 posts = Hero Member

I am looking into adding a "like" button type function because it would be a nice way to let members know we like what they are saying without repeating ourselves or each other. But I haven't  had time to look at the mods or programming yet. And I recently had a security company add a backup feature so I want to make sure that works well before making any changes.

--- End quote ---

So if someone hits your "like button" you get a karma? And what would the new like button differ from the existing-sorry I do not understand. And please don't add a dislike button for my question!

Erica McPhee:
Aw - thank you Sarah!  ;D I really appreciate your bright, happy presence here at Flourish!

Brad, I'm glad you asked, too, as the forum has changed a bit since this was posted.

The karma button (under your name) goes up when someone clicks your "applause" button. The "like" button simply shows who likes the post at the bottom left of your square where you made the post.

The member groups have changed as follows:

0-2 posts = Newbie
2-49 posts = Freshman Member
50 - 99 posts = Junior Member
100-249 = Full Member
250 - 499 = Senior Member
500 - 999 = Hero Member
1000+ = Super Hero Member

Brad franklin:
ah thank you . I have never even noticed the "applause" was a push-able button. So I am ashamed I have never pushed it. But sure will now!


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