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i love writing notecards for friends, as practice.  envelopes are so hard!  i cannot imagine a stack of 100 in front of me from a paying bride!
anyhoo, it's one thing to use practice paper, but then try it out on an envelope, different story all together.  the paper is most unforgiving.  mistakes on all of them but learning and practice is a process, one that i am happy about.

this is a habit that i am going to keep up, because how wonderful to receive a little treat in all that junk mail  ;D
oh how i would love to have Mr. Carson presenting the day's post to me on a silver platter!

i'm hoping that our mailman can get thru the 9" of snow so far today.  i'm expecting a little package from Paper & Ink arts.  excited to try out the Hiro 41 nib and moon palace sumi ink!

Joi, these look fantastic to me! I'm very much a beginner and haven't even started on my capitals yet and looking at yours I'm wondering how I'll ever manage, they look hard, lol!

I would love to recieve such a pretty looking envelope!  :)

nikkiB - thanks so much.  i will be honest, the capitals were and continue to be difficult.  i loved that the lower case had very specific rules.  there is more freedom with the capitals, and the large ovals continue to give me difficulty.  but as you can see, with practice it does improve.  i will share a recent discovery...i was having MAJOR problems with the M and N, and you HAVE to master the M because of Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Ms...so i practiced with a pencil.  it took a few pages of pencil before i finally got it and once my hand to get used to the movement of those letters, then i switched to ink.  it totally helped me.  i'm still terrible with E, again those ovals!  i have only been doing copperplate since mid december so i am here to tell you that you WILL see improvement if you keep practicing.
message me your address and i will send you a card!!!  it's really good practice!

I would absolutely love that Joi, thank you! 

I will PM you now and I would love to send you some happy mail right back.  I just sent some mail art out today as it happens, this is just the excuse I need to make some more  ;D

Erica McPhee:
You're making great progress Joi! Envelopes are hard. They're like the box of chocolates in Forrest Gump, You never know what you're going to get! Some are a dream, others are a nightmare!  ;D

I love your suggestion to work in pencil before going to pen! I am working on the capital tutorials - and yes, they are hard. But the good news is, like minuscule, there are rules and strokes to learn for doing capitals. So once you master those basics, you are a step ahead. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. And there are some capitals which will always be my nemesis!  ;D

I think it's great you are practicing on envelopes and writing real ones! It brings another dimension to your work when you are doing it "for real" rather than just practicing on a piece of paper. Great job!  :D


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