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Any Thoughts on my work would be appreciated. I don't have a teacher but all of you are so talented - I need advice on what I need to really focus on improving. I've attached a quote I did and then I'll attach yesterday's practice. I just want to improve. But not sure if I have any talent. My husband and daughter love it but they love me. Lol

Whitney Gothra:
I just started learning calligraphy, so I'm not qualified to give you any tips or advice, but I think your work is beautiful!  I think it looks really even, and it's a joy to read.  You definitely have talent! :)

Thanks Whitney  :) that's very very sweet

Here is yesterday's practice

Erica McPhee:
Your work really is beautiful Nickki! But since you posted for critique, I'm going to really be constructive.  ;D

So, this can be a matter of personal preference, but if you want to be true to the style, I would work on squaring off the tops of your letters like t's and a's and i's. This sounds really harsh but to me, this is the biggest give away between a beginner and someone with more advanced skill.

I like how you have done the light, flourished line on the d's but with this style, they go up just a bit too high. If you bring them down just a bit, they will really work well and add a nice touch.

This is super picky, but when you begin a word with an e, the initial stroke should bring the reader into the letter (left to right). Your starting line, pulls from the right and then into the word. In some instances, this can work very effectively. But here, it gives the reader just a slight pause.

I love that you are so dedicated to your practice. This is half of it right there. So over time, you will gain wonderful line confidence and your lettering will really take on a new look from that. It is already very nice so with just a little refinement, you are there!  :)

Omg Thank You Erica!!!! I so needed your eye on this. I'm on my way out the door but cant wait to get back and study your critique
Thank you thank you  ;) :)

Oh and sorry I posted the same pic three times. Not sure how I did that but it wasn't intentional


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