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Thank you so very much. I appreciate you kind comment. And also i truly enjoy seeing all of your flourishes on IG. 😊❤️

You kind words are very appreciated. I use these drawings as an anxiety relief, helps me get outside of my head, so alot of the time i dont even notice large blocks of time pass quickly, but there are times when it feels like it is never ending. Hehe. Also i followed you on Instagram, you lettering is outstanding, i really enjoy seeing your work.

Thank you again forcall of the nice comments.
Noah 😊❤️ 

Omg Noah....getting outside of your head...I can so relate to that. I spend way too much time in there. Not always a good thing. I hate to admit it, but I think I have the high anxiety bug too. Plus, I'm not the most adept in social circles...not good with small talk and such (I'm terrible at making good comments on IG even though I want to) I like calli and other art. It's a way to express myself in a worry-free way. :) Oh...and your letter is coming...although I will likely tuck it into one of my Christmas cards if that's ok. :)

You would be amazed how not alone we with these types of issues and feelings. Not many people are willing to admit issues and then the some that dont even know its an issue. I just recently started public posting my work as well as my issues and mainly from the awesome and accepting communities such as FF here for one. I also havnet spoke much about my diagnosed clinical depression, which i am comfortable talking about here. One of the reasons i dont talk much about it is i dont want it labeled into my artwork and have my art or my illness be the reason for the other thing if makes sense. I am socially akward as well and to much excitement is sensory overload. Lol thank you for replying and opening about your feelings and battles i greatly appreciate it.
Please take your time with the letter, it is to be stressfree and fun. So when ever you have it i will greatly appreciate it.
Thank you again,
Noah 😊❤️

Very Beautiful Drawing !

I myself am not a zentangler but my daughter is. I greatly appreciate the art.  Your work is stunning!  Creatively, Elizgadus59 ( Elizabeth Gadus)


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