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Hi! I'm Erica McPhee of Paperwhite Studio

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Erica McPhee:

I am The Flourish Forum owner and administrator. I am also the calligrapher behind Paperwhite Studio. I've been in love with calligraphy since grade school and have been studying and practicing calligraphy ever since! I started Paperwhite Studio in 2001 and have enjoyed many fabulous clients providing wedding and social invitations, logo design, magazine work, and greeting card design. I took a detour and spent a few years studying homeopathic medicine and grappling three awesome children.

Originally from NH, I moved to Maine after college. In 2007, we moved to the southwest coast of crazy but sunny Florida.

I enjoy italic but my true love is pointed pen. I love copperplate, spencerian, pointed pen italic, contemporary lettering, flourishing, anything with a pointed pen!

Please don't ever hesitate to ask me any question! I love sharing and want nothing more than to share calligraphy with all of the world!

I look forward to meeting each of you on the forum!

Hi Erica! Thanks for putting together this forum. I know it can be a bit of a challenge to get things up and running but I wish you all the luck!



Erica McPhee:
Thanks for joining Ellen! Yes - it has taken me weeks to finally get everything up and running and almost all the forums populated with a start. Actually, first I had to figure out how to build it in conjunction with a website! :-0 But all is well that ends well (I hope)!  :D

Thanks again! And I look forward to seeing you on the forum!

FrenchBlue Joy:
E, you are super-multi-mega talented, and I'm so glad that you're motivated to put your valuable experience and talent to work for the community.  A very generous thing to do.  I'm going to be watching this space for tutorials, interviews, and advice from you and other members of the calligraphy world, and of course I'll be happy to volunteer anything I've learned so far that could be of use to newbies! 

I think this is wonderful.

Just last weekend, my Art Pal and I were wondering how calligraphy would continue with younger penmen. I think projects like this is certainly a way to accomplish that.

Thank you Erica


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