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Hi! I'm Erica McPhee of Paperwhite Studio

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Erica McPhee:
Thank you Joy and Donna Jeanne,

I really appreciate your kind words and your efforts on behalf of calligraphy here at the forum. I look forward to seeing both of your lettering and I will definitely take you up on your offer to share!


Erica, thank you so much for creating this forum! I'm not sure if you remember, but I was one of the happy recipients of your hand-printed Valentine's cards you gave away on your blog back in 2010. I still have your beautifully printed and (pink!) calligraphed card here in my studio!

Thank you again for your work in putting this site together and your willingness to share your expertise - I am looking forward to the community that will develop here!

Erica McPhee:
Oh my goodness Lisa! I knew I recognized your name! That's awesome! :-)

Jane Farr:
Thank you for the invitation to The Flourish Forum, Erica!!  I know this will be a great place for sharing and learning.  My best wishes to you as you launch the site.  My first question:  how/where do I upload my avatar? Thanks!

Erica McPhee:
Hi Jane,
Welcome! I am so thrilled you have joined us here at the Forum! If you click on Profile, then forum profile, the first section is to add an avatar. Let me know if you need further help!

Again, welcome! I can't wait to see your beautiful letterforms on the Forum!


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