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What happened to my cursive?

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I suppose this goes here since I am writing about my regular, everyday penmanship. I know there is a similar top on signatures but I'm wondering more specifically about the everyday writing.

I'm not sure what happened but ever since I started learning Copperplate, my cursive writing (which is many times my regular, everyday writing) has gone very far down hill. A main problem I'm having is I am not able to just let the letters flow out. I'm forming them as if they were Copperplate letters. I had tried to start learning Spencerian with the Spencerian Penmanship books that were recommended to me on here but then started running into problems between learning Copperplate and Spencerian, shortly after which I found out many people suggest not working on the two at the same time.

So, what am I to do? At what point can I learn some kind of everyday penmanship and not confuse it with Copperplate? Will I need to learn something like an Italic calligraphy in-between? Or is there a point one might reach with Copperplate where it won't be so confusing to work on both at the same time?

Thank you!

Interesting conundrum!  I'm very new here but I did read one other topic on this and I think you pretty much have the advice: not to work on two styles which are similar until you know one intimately.

My intuition (not experience!) would also comment that it probably depends on your style of cursive.  I'm really getting interested in the subtle variations of cursive that have been taught throughout the generations (and certainly by locality).  I believe what I learned in the 70s in elementary school was probably closest to what I guess is called American Cursive, though I haven't really seen a compendium of styles.  [Sidenote: that would be an interesting topic here as well, to categorize/sub-categorize the styles across the Spencerian-Business-Palmer-"Modern?" spectrum and matrix them by years they were prevalent.  Well, I digress!

Guess my well is empty (as a newbie's well is wont to do) on your question but those are my two cents (or two bits, at least).

I went through something similar.  I think I'm still going through it.  My advice is to keep having fun learning.  It will all sort itself out naturally over time.  I am trying to learn flourishing now and it has entered my handwriting.  Why lift the pen and go back and cross Ts when you can soar, loop, and dive to cross it.  Just have fun.  Slow down a little bit if you need to.

I think we should all post samples of our everyday hand and our calligraphy hand.... might be interesting.

Learning Copperplate DESTROYED my handwriting!!  I used to have beautiful "ordinary" handwriting. - After spending a lot of time with Copperplate, I can't write AT ALL!  It's like chicken scratch!  However, I am very pleased with my calligraphy & I chalk up my destroyed handwriting as a "cost of doing business".  It's a good trade-off, as far as I am concerned!  If I can't have both, I'd rather have good calligraphy!   ;D



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