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Erica McPhee:
I thought it would be helpful to curate a list of custom oblique pen holder makers. While I am a very satisfied customer of many of these makers, I encourage you to look around and determine which best meets your needs. I use almost all of my custom holders regularly (with the exception of a few hand painted collectors). And I consider each one worth the investment.  ;)

Please reply with any of your favorites if not listed below.

Chic Oblique
Syeds Calligraphy Obliques
Miles Calligraphy
Unique Obliques
Yoke Pen Company
The Curious Artisan
Lindsey Hook
Jake Weidmann
Luis Creations
Tom's Studio
Timber Elegance
Salman Khattak
Made by Heber
Bukva Wood
Oliev Pens
Chris Held, painted by Heather Held
The PenSmith Shoppe
Colby Cline Penholders
Ink Me This

Not custom, but beautiful pens at a reasonable price.
Paper & Ink Arts
John Neal Books

This is a great list! I wanted to add Salman Khattak:

melanie jane:
Thanks for including me Erica!   :)

Thank you Erica, for adding me to the list.

Salman Khattak:
Thank you for mentioning me @Raayynuh

So @Erica McPhee  - you forgot me huh?  ???

- Salman


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