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My Compendium of Lettering Styles

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@Ken Fraser I am unfamiliar with "Clerestory font".  Is it a computer font??  Has it ever been a handwriting style, like Uncial or Italic?  It's very attractive!


Ken Fraser:
COPPERPLATE (English Roundhand)

The version of English Roundhand (Copperplate) derives from 18th century exemplars. It was written with a Gillott 303 flexible dip nib in an oblique holder. The ink was Higgins Eternal and the paper was Mondi IQ Selection 100gsm. It was written at a slope angle of 55 degrees from the horizontal.

Ken Fraser:

Ken Fraser:
KAUFMANN handwritten

This is a handwritten version of the monoline font 'Kaufmann'.
The alphabet was written with a Pelikan fountain pen fitted with a round-tipped fine nib.
The text was written with an edged nib, creating an attractive alternative.

Ken Fraser:

This style, with minimal shading, was originally written with a straight penholder. As such, it is well suited to being written with a fountain pen with a moderately flexible nib. I wrote this, and the alphabet, with a Namiki Falcon.
The shading can follow the pattern of shading in Spencerian, or omitted altogether, or as in this example it can be used on all downstrokes, as in Roundhand aka Copperplate.
The most obvious characteristic is in the extended ascenders and descenders. This, combined with modest shading, gives the lettering a light, elegant look which no doubt accounts for the name 'Ladies Hand'. It can, of course, be written with as much pleasure, by either sex.


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