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I started out learning copperplate last year but I'm a bit out of practice. A friend asked me to write signs for her wedding. She's super chuffed with them but they make me cringe a bit, I feel like the writing is super inconsistent and I haven't got the bounce or slant right at all. I'm a bit bored with copperplate drills and I'd like to make my style a bit more fun.
In the modern tutorial, the word Avalon is bounced in the second example. I think that's the style I'd like to go for.

Does anyone have any tips for me? (Aside from practice more!!)

PS I realise this is a mish mash of styles, as I was out of practice I just looked up a modern calligraphy alphabet for reference so some of the letters are a bit different.

Looks pretty good, don't worry about the 'inconsistency' in the words, this so-called 'modern calligraphy' (i'm not really a fan of the term, can you tell?) encourages irregularity... one thing though, the times look slightly formal and a little undersized in comparison to the words.

Thanks - I've not even tried numbers yet so that's why they're a bit odd! My friend is happy though :-)

In hindsight I think some guidelines might have been useful even though I was trying to be 'bouncy' - I can do it much better with brush pens on graph paper so maybe I should have used that as an example ;-)

I alway plan where the letters are going to go when I bounce them.
It may look random, but I like to do some rough drafts and then I am very careful to follow the layout when I do the final.
Modern/bouncy/wonky/casual - whatever you want to call it - even though it looks like it was *quick and easy* - it benefits from some careful planning.

I think the writing space also creates a challenge. You have different size words, all to fit in the same size area. For example, you have left less space on the top, than on the bottom. You have to take into account the negative space. The boards also form some natural guidelines, but their straightness can clash with your bouncy lettering. I think that writing a sign like this has its own challenges in fitting in the words and achieving the right balance of uniformity and randomness.

That said, it is still pretty good, and I am not surprised your friend is pleased.


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