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Can anyone please let me know what areas of pointed pen can I work on to improve my skills. I use Higgins ink and a Nikko G nib in an oblique holder. I have been teaching myself for about three years using the zanarian manual, IAMPETH lessons, Instagram, videos by Paul Antonio (I got his book too). I think I'm ready to have some personal lessons or work with someone experienced to help me grow to the next level. Anyone up to the challenge?

Bianca M:
Hi Matt! Is your name Matt?  I just took a gamble based on your handle.  Your copperplate is looking lovely but I do see a few things you can work on, particularly consistency.  The slant of your letters varies, as does your letter spacing and letter height.  I recommend practicing more with guide sheets that have diagonal lines as well as the x-height, ascender and descender lines. Also, try letting your exit stroke come up a little higher so that your eye tells your brain to tell your hand not to cut off that space.  For example, in Michelangelo, your the exit stroke of the n hits the g too low, so you have an angle above and below it.  You should have a nice, graceful curve above the line where it meets the g.  That stroke can meet your oval right about halfway up.  Refer to your Picasso, where your s meets the o - that's how you want it to look.  Again, it's a consistency thing. :) 

Where are you located?

Thank you Bianca! Yes, my name is Matt ("e" is my middle initial) Herr. I am in Western, Pennsylvania, close to the state line of Ohio. I have been noticing the consistency vary like you said. Would you suggest that I don't quite have the letters put to memory or is it more about how to join certain letters to each other in a word? I greatly appreciate your feedback!


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