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Progress critique please


Thoughts anyone?

You clearly have the necessary raw skill. If Salman is taking on new students - using his tutorials and critiques would be a perfect way to learn the sequence of strokes and make progress. If you have followed any of the other people who have studied under Salman you can how well they do.

I noted in one of your earlier posts that you are using Nikko G and Higgins. I recommend something other than Higgins. Walnut ink is great and you can buy the crystals and mix it up yourself. I love McCaffrey's - but with this sub-zero weather, I'm not sure I'd want to order ink until spring.

Bianca M:
Matt - you've greatly improved in your consistency, especially in the slant of your letters!  It does help to post photos that are taken straight and head-on (basically, what you'd see if you scanned it); anything else can really alter the viewer's perception of the letter forms, and we may not be able to give you the best advice based on that. 

I second Jean's recommendation to try another ink.  I know there are some people that love it, but I find that I don't get good, clean lines from it.  I'm a Moon Palace Sumi fan myself.

One thing that does stand out here is the right line on your ascenders is a little heavy.  It should start and finish with a hairline.  I'm on Team Upstroke for that line myself (I prefer a full hairline there, so I use an upstroke vs. downstroke), so don't have any great tips to give you on where the weight should be on it or how to achieve it, but studying your exemplars should give you a good lead there. :)

Thank you both! I'll make sure to post pics without rotation from now on. I bought too much Higgins and wanted to use it up before I ordered More. I will definitely try your recommendations!

Another look...


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