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Caroline minuscule


Ken Fraser:
Caroline Minuscule

Beautiful and instructive!
I'm going to look up the Ramsey Psalter.
Thank you so much.


--- Quote from: Ken Fraser on June 08, 2021, 07:04:15 AM ---Caroline Minuscule

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Nice work, as always.
I'm always interested in what nib you used. Also, how was the color applied? What size are the letters?

Ken Fraser:
This is from my archives from some years ago. I wanted to accentuate the aged look, so I wrote it with an old, blunt-edged Manuscript nib (to avoid it looking too clean cut) with Higgins Black Eternal ink. The x height was 4mm. The colour was diluted gouache. Thanks for asking.

I like this original Caroline Minuscule actually a lot more than Johnston’s Foundational Hand – I find that a bit dull and mechanical ;D … your example is very wonderful :).


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