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Hi All


Hi all.

I'm Rachel from Kent, UK.  I've been interested in calligraphy since childhood but decided 2022 was the year I'd  pick up one of the many hand lettering /calligraphy books I've collected and get stuck in.  My husband bought me a beautiful calligraphy kit for Christmas and since then I've been addicted.  I never realised how meditative it is.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful work

Erica McPhee:
Hi Rachel,
Yes! I find it very meditative as well. Glad you are off to a good start. What kind of calligraphy are you doing? Broad pen, pointed pen, brush? I like them all! Let us know if you have questions as you go along. Welcome!  :)

Thank you Erica.  So far pointed pen is my favourite and the choices of ink are amazing.  I've just started your wonderful copperplate tutorials, which are amazing, thank you. 

Aries M:
Hello Rachel and Welcome to the coolest corner on the internet! You'll find many calligraphy addicts around here! We look forward to seeing your beautiful work. Theres a super fun "then and now" thread where you can see alot of before and after shots which is super encouraging.

Hope to see you in an exchange soon!


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