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Hi from Victoria, Australia :)


Thank you for allowing me access Erica, and Hi to all members! I am delighted to join your group, the thank Ashok Giri for the suggestion. I am relatively new to Copperplate, and lettering in general. My interest was sparked by the need to fill in time during yet another CV19 lockdown. I decided to take up making my own watercolour tags. Not being at all artistic, I soon realised that if I could write beautifully, the cards would look much better.....from there, there was no turning back. I am now completely in love with copperplate, and spend many hours painting and doing drills. I have recently started private tutoring in Engrossers, and I am finding it VERY difficult to say the least. I am looking forward to checking out the resources available here, and getting to know some of you, who I am sure have a wealth of knowledge and skills to offer. I am not at all familiar with this platform, so I have some work to do to navigate around and find everything...but look forward to doing so. I am eager to post my practice pages for your advice. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I am always happy to receive advice/critiques/opinions. Thanks Again.

Erica McPhee:
Hi Samantha,
Sounds like youíve been bit by the calligraphy bug.  :) The forum can feel a bit strange at first but once you figure out how itís organized, it really makes sense. Feel free to ask any questions as you go and we look forward to seeing your work, too!

Welcome as well.

Aries M:
Welcome! There is a pleathora of fantastic information, inspriation and friendly folks here  ;D

Engrossers and copperplate are so goregous! This was definitely the start of my calligraddiction as well! LOL



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