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Hello, while browsing your forum over the course of a few days, it appears the community is very eager to help and share, that's refreshing!

I've fallen captive, like I'm sure most of the modern world, to quickly communicating with emails, texts and pictures and have embarrassingly neglected my handwriting.  Luckily I'm old enough to at least have been taught properly to write in cursive, but that skill is long gone and I've joined the forum in search of some useful tips (hardware and instruction) to again find my way.

I've been practicing the Palmer Method for about 8 weeks now and I'm definitely benefiting, however, I've hit the dreaded plateau and I attribute some of this to the type of pen I'm using and the substrate I'm writing on.

I didn't see a topic in the main forum page related to American Cursive or Palmer, is there a topic field that questions related to those methods could be posted in?

Erica McPhee:
Hi! Welcome! The pen and paper can make all the difference. I would suggest taking a look in this forum: Every Day Handwriting/Cursive Script.

Have you read through Palmer’s manual? This is a neat resource: The Palmer Method

When you are ready to move on, these are incredible worksheets for Spencerian



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