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Love One Another exchange 2022


Erica McPhee:
Itís been so quiet! Hopefully itís because everyone is busy, busy doing calligraphy.  ;D
I thought I would share my exchange from Valentineís Day. I found these lovely menus at a local shop and just knew I had to put calligraphy on them. I did the watercolor first, then the lettering, and finally added a bit of silver leaf. I did one original and then printed the finals. I added the silver leaf after printing.
The envelopes were a challenge - first finding the right size for the menus (thank you JAM paper via Amazon). I love the texture and feel of vellum envelopes! But these buggers would not take ink well. I originally wanted to use gold ink but it just beaded up and I am allergic to sandarac powder so I resorted to markers. Fun though!
I felt it needed a little brightness so I added the watercolor flowers after doing the addresses.
Would love to see if anyone else wants to share theirs.  :-*

Aries M:
Very beautiful and bright! I love the ornate design of the menu! Way to think outside the box on the menus, so many ways you can style it


Erica McPhee:
Thanks Aries! I had fun with it. :-)


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