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A friend pointed me to this article about using vintage stamps to decorate hand-written letters/envelopes, which I have done for years, particularly in the exchanges, matching the color envelopes or theme of the exchange. I've also received a few. Anyone else do this currently?

Erica McPhee:
Wow - what a FANTASTIC article! Thank you so much for sharing. I have purchased some and used a couple of times but I always forget. The one in the article are like an art form all on its own.  ;D

I'm inspired!!  Thanks for sharing this interesting link!

I love this idea so much and have some special stamps myself.....but I don't like parting with them! They typically cost more than their face value (unless you bought them a long time ago)...That adds up so I only use them for extra special notes.

Ashley K:
This article is great, Anasazi, thank you for sharing! I have quite a few old stamps and they're fun to use for handwritten envelopes, but I struggle with picking and arranging them in a way that looks cohesive. Definitely going to take a few pointers from here.  ;D

Some of the examples the author shows also use rubber stamps really creatively! Maybe I should dust off my old rubber stamp collection...


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