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Greetings from Oregon!


Ashley K:
Hi! I’m Ashley—long-time (VERY long) lurker, first time poster. I just wanted to drop in and say “hi” and thank you to everyone here for all the tips and advice over the years… Flourish Forum was actually one of the first resources I turned to when I started my calligraphy journey, and it continues to be a great source of both information and comfort when I think I’m losing my mind over a problem with my letterforms!

Lately I’ve been struggling with feeling a bit alone on this journey—I’m pretty awkward by nature, and IG is great for looking but not great for community-building, at least for me, so I’m determined to be more active in every way I can!

Hope to see (and talk to!) more of ya’ll soon! And thanks again. <3

Erica McPhee:
 Hi Ashley,
Happy to see you post an introduction and say hello! Thank you for being a supporter for so long. I agree, being a calligrapher can be a lonely venture sometimes. In perspective, we are a relatively small group worldwide so it’s great when we can connect. Let us know if there is something  you are working on that you’d like feedback on or of course, any questions. We have been pretty quiet as of late as people tend to rotate around what social media platform they are on. I’m always open for more calligraphy talk!

Ashley K:
Thank you, Erica! I really don't know what stopped me from participating earlier; I think I'm just shy! But you'll definitely see me around more--super excited to chat with folks!

Cyril Jayant:
Hello and welcome Ashley !!!

Welcome back Ashley!

And here i'm too after a long gap. But they say you always come back to your first love. And this is where I would always belong. We all have one thing in common and we can all talk tirelessly on that 'Calligraphy'
Feel free to ask if there's any help you need, or wish to share anything in here!

Ash :)


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