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Erica McPhee:
Anyone else getting into free-hand engraving? Living 35 minutes from Paper & Ink Arts is not only delightful but dangerous for my wallet!  ;D When I was there last, I picked up InkMeThis’s engraving machine. It is so quiet! And so smooth. I had tried engraving a couple of times with an old drill my mom picked up at a yard sale. It was loud and bulky. But this new one works like a dream.

I am walking around the house finding things I can engrave. LOL! This is the soap dispenser for my studio sink room. I tried to come up with something clever to write on it but this is the best I could do. Ha ha!

Only recently learned the term "engraving events" from a calligraphic Instagrammer ... who knew?  Looks incredibly fun and satisfying!

Does your hand vibrate when engraving?  Also is it hard to write around curved surfaces?  I’ve thought about getting one, but I do not like any type of vibration… drives me crazy!  I’m afraid to invest in one, then not like to use it!

Erica McPhee:
@TeresaS - It does vibrate your hand slightly but not nearly what some of the older machines do, nor the drill engraver I was using. When I went to IAMPETH in 2014, someone was demonstrating an engraving machine. I tried it for two seconds and was like, “Nope!” Because it hurt my teeth. LOL. I couldn’t stand the vibration. But this one is extremely quiet and barely vibrates your hand. It has to because you are engraving into glass (or metal) but it is minimal. Maybe there is a calligrapher near you that would let you try it…

Thank you.  I think that is a good idea to try before I buy!  Coming from a rural area, I know of no calligraphers… pretty much a calligraphy desert!  But you never know when opportunity may come my way.  One of these years I would really like to make it to IAMPETH…maybe then!


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