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help child to write cursive in line tips please


hello, I am teaching child at age 6 to write cursive, she writes good enough at age 6, but when she writes on the blank paper, the letter are far off inline, for example she tends to write letter m from her point of view straight, then it is far off inline, i try to think by moving paper angle, but only way to make her writing inline is put paper straight in front of her, then her hand will not in the good position of writing cursive with angle like 52 degree. any tips ? thanks in advance

It's fine to have the paper straight in front of her.
The earlier a person learns cursive - the better.
When she is older, she can start turning the paper to put her hand in the optimal position.
Learning with the paper straight will not do any long term damage.

Erica McPhee:
I would also suggest starting off with lined or even with printed tracing sheets. This will make it less frustrating and train her eye over time. Wow - 6! My kids couldn’t even hold a pencil well at that age.  :)

Daniel McGill:
Personally, I would not use a blank page at her age. Keep with a ruled paper, as this will be the type she will encounter most in her schooling. Once she is of an appropriate age, 10-13, where her spatial awareness has increased and her rational ability to discern a mental straight line, then I would say that a blank page would be good.

It is great when your child is so young that he already knows how to write cursive. But the best thing is to always let your child practice writing on lined paper or specially designed paper to practice cursive writing. Let your child practice a lot and later when her hands are stiffer, she will be able to overcome it by herself when writing with blank paper.


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