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Hi all,

I would love to save some money and also practice my lettering this year by making handmade gifts for family and friends for Christmas. I've considered doing just framed quotes, but I'm trying to be more creative and think outside the box a little bit. Does anyone have any ideas for handmade gifts that people have enjoyed in the past? Any inspiration would help!

Erica McPhee:
GREAT topic!  :D I hope other members chime in!

I will take some pictures to share but I am actually on my way to our guild's holiday party right now!

In the past, I have made:

* notecards with people's names on them
* library book plates (People love these! Great for kids, too.)
* card sets with Happy Birthday, Thank You, etc. on the front and blank inside
* just made paperweights today (I love these!)
* totebags with lettering using iron-on t-shirt transfers

Pictures would be amazing! Gotta get me some blank notecard sets...  ;)

Elizabeth Dianne:
Are the paper weights totally handmade or do you buy them somewhere and then add calligraphy?

Erica McPhee:

Elizabeth, the paperweights were done by hand and then glued to the paperweight. I think I bought the glass via oriental trading company. They aren't great quality (little marks in the glass) but no one complained!  ;D


Names for Notecards:

One year we bought large jugs of pure Maine maple syrup from BJs, rebottled it, and gave as gifts.


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