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Spencerian Script / Re: Operating pointed pen and ink - tips?
« Last post by jeanwilson on Today at 07:57:59 AM »
I agree with everything InkyFingers says - and can add a couple things.

For me, if I can see the buildup, that's when it is time to wipe.
As I have mentioned, I prefer to brush load, but if I wanted to dip into metallic inks, I would dip into plain water first and then into the metallic ink.

And let's hear from the potato people. I know there are people who stab potatoes - but I don't know how often. Maybe stabbing a potato prior to dipping would serve the same purpose as cleaning the nib. Or maybe too much stabbing would transfer starch into the ink.

I've also seen people stab sponges that are sitting in a container with enough water to keep the sponge soggy. That seems to act as a way to clear most of the residue off without stopping to pick up a wiping cloth and doing it by hand.

You probably need to reserve a lot of stabbing for the sturdier nibs. The delicate, flexible nibs probably prefer a gentle touch with a well-worn linen hankie.
Spencerian Script / Re: Operating pointed pen and ink - tips?
« Last post by InkyFingers on December 06, 2021, 10:37:36 PM »
You're right!

It depends on the ink type, nib and paper combination. 

I usually use fountain pen ink diluted with water.  This combination does not leave a big layer of ink on the nib after extended use.  The ink re-dissolve upon dipping.

The ink will dry out on the pen fast for certain type of ink and dilution rate.

It is good practice to wipe your nib every other lines or sooner to maintain a clean line.

Using other types of ink: acrylic diluted in water might require cleaning the pen on every other words.  You'll be judge of that.  Dry time is different for each type of ink and dilution.

Good luck and enjoy the process.
Spencerian Script / Operating pointed pen and ink - tips?
« Last post by Zivio on December 06, 2021, 08:34:35 PM »
As some may know from previous of my posts, I'm brand new to using pointed pen and ink.  I'm grateful to the Flourish Forum members who have responded to my various questions -- I can go for weeks plumbing the depths of the most rudimentary of instructions!

My questions today: 

I understand that ink evaporates during use. I have recently started using Dinky Dips which have been very helpful and lessen evaporation because of the small surface area.  Do people like to add a few drops of water as you go, or do you just add more ink from the jar when the Dinky gets low?   

Also, during practice I'll notice that the nib sometimes starts getting a thickening layer of ink on it. Do you clean the nib regularly during practice, or just dip in clear water and wipe off every once in a while? 

I'm guessing both questions will depend upon the ink and possibly also nib in use but I really don't have a good idea on when ink needs to be diluted -- what to look for or how to know.

TIA for any replies!
Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2021
« Last post by Zivio on December 06, 2021, 08:21:52 PM »
Very much enjoying your wit and humor in the reification of the Diamine ink names and the Inktober words using beautiful art.  Such a joy to behold, and wishing you many joys in return!
Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2021
« Last post by Cyril Jayant on December 06, 2021, 06:30:56 PM »
Beautiful work and I love most of the inks . I am a fan of Diamine !!!
Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2021
« Last post by K-2 on December 06, 2021, 04:05:31 PM »
@Erica McPhee - you are too kind!  Thank you for your kind words about my illustrations.  I feel fortunate to have such a friendly and supportive environment in which to display and discuss my ink experiments.  Thanks to you and all the members here for making Flourish Forum a great community of artists and calligraphers at all stages of development.  It's a very special corner of the internet!

As we approach the end of only the first week, it's remarkable that there are already several inks that I have marked for my wish list.  I hope they come out with full sized bottles like they did last time!

Today's ink is another beautiful stunner, with shading, chromatography, sheen and shimmer.

"Winter Spice" - a rich brown ink with sparkly blue shimmer and vivid green sheen.  Smooth shading into warm, pinky/peach tans and pale champaign, with a surprising hit of minty green coming out in the chromatography.  Interesting reaction to bleach, depending on ink saturation - from dull gold to glowing violet on areas with heavy ink.

The idea of brown ink has been a bit divisive on the forum, but it's my favorite shade to sketch with, since the sepia-tones give everything an old-fashioned, nostalgic feel, and this one has so many tricks up its sleeve!

December 6 | F
Just wanted to add, you can click on the photo for a higher resolution version and see each letter up close. Also, I edited the first three images so each letter is a different color which helps to differentiate.  ;)
Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2021
« Last post by Erica McPhee on December 05, 2021, 04:40:17 PM »
Tempest and Harmony are my favorite colors so far. Your illustrations are superb. We are so fortunate to have you sharing with us! Thank you!
Thank you @Gary;D

December 5 | E
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