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@jeanwilson pointed out to me that I should have been doing all of this on some form of padded surface rather than the rock hard glass drafting table I've been using.  It turns out that causes ink flows to be a bit unpredictably aggressive.  I dumped a whole pen-full of ink on my page several times yesterday.  Not ideal, but that's why I'm here - learning from better calligraphers. 

SO!  Having dug out an old desk-sized mouse-pad I am going to give the Mitchell nibs another test today and see what they can do.  They're certainly easier to clean than Speedball or Tachikawa.  Thank you so much for sharing.  This forum has been incredibly friendly and useful.
In the event your mouse pad is too soft (mine certainly is), try 3-5 sheets of regular copy paper or 2-3 sheets of thicker 32 lb Laser paper. I use a single sheet of blotting paper, which allows light through when using a light pad (Artograph). There are opaque options also, like leather desk pads (Mike Ward makes a nice one--

My grandfather never let me grind the ink for him, but he made let me watch him while he prepared it for this piece. My recollections is that he painted it in the mid-1970s as a present to my father; I eventually inherited it.
Can you read the prose, or have had it translated?
Alas, that my kids never took up the craft (breaking with a family tradition spanning generations, going back to the 12th century) - although my oldest is now in an introductory art/drawing class (a general education requirement at his university!), and he is starting to appreciate what he missed out on.
Perhaps it's not too late to continue the tradition.

Spencerian Script / Re: Spacing of Spencerian letters
« on: Today at 02:07:20 PM »
And this from P.R. Spencer's "Spencerian Key to Practical Penmanship." 1866.

Spencerian Script / Re: Spacing of Spencerian letters
« on: Today at 12:15:53 PM »
And this from Payson, Dunton, & Scribner's "Manual of Penmanship," 1872. As you see, opinions vary.
Jean Wilson's advice is good.

Spencerian Script / Re: Spacing of Spencerian letters
« on: Today at 11:54:01 AM »
I just happen to have "Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, " 1920, by C. P. Zaner on my desk. Here are his thoughts.

Cool vintage set, @AnasaziWrites - I've never used broad edge Gillott nibs before, only the pointed pens (which I really like).  I'm seeing that the #1.5 and #2 look to be oblique cut, which I'm not a huge fan of, except for modern italics.  I wonder how they compare with the Mitchells; they have a very similar shape to the Mitchells (except for the oblique cut); I wonder how the metal compares.  I'll have to look for some of those on the vintage market to try out!
I'll save you the trouble. They don't come up for sale very often, and I have two of these cards. I'll send you one.

Any thoughts on the Gillott's?

Open Flourish | General Discussion / For your enjoyment
« on: March 13, 2023, 10:16:13 AM »

2023 Exchanges / Re: Love Letters 2023 Valentine Exchange
« on: March 09, 2023, 05:14:24 PM »
Terrific. A lot of good work there.

Tools & Supplies / Re: New Hunt 108 Not Inking
« on: March 08, 2023, 05:09:37 PM »
I have a brand-new Hunt 108 nib which I purchased as a blister-pack set of four nibs, and prior to using it, I soaked it and its pack-mates in a vinegar solution to dissolve and float away the factory oil coating.
This 108 refuses to transfer any liquid to paper, not ink, not water, not nuthin'....!
I noticed, upon loupe inspection,  there is zero gap between the tines, unless and until pressure is applied to splay the tines (of course.)
My thinking at this time is that my vinegar solution could not find its way between the tines due to the tight zero gap, and therefore the tine inner edges are repelling ink just as though the nib were never prepped.
Is there a nifty trick to prop those tines apart, for oil removal treatment?
Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated..!!
Mark M.
@Mark M
Don't pry the tines apart.
Rub with alcohol on a paper towel or
rub with spit on a paper towel or
pass the nib over a lit match (both sides).

Any of those will remove the film/coating.

Indeed I do not know any person (other than those who practice Copperplate, Spencerian, etc.) who have a handwriting with a 52° or 55° slant. 

And now you do.

This is an example of my handwriting years before I had any interest or lessons in Copperplate or Spencerian--a quick note to my parents on unlined paper my mother saved in a scrapbook, which I now have.

Show & Tell / Re: the Art Penman
« on: March 08, 2023, 11:07:20 AM »
I saw this in an old Business Journal. I really like the outlined look and thought I would give it a try. What do you think? Does it detract or add to the calligraphy?
Your own decorated letters you used in the Valentine's Day exchange are much better.
It's fun to play around with such things, though.

Wise words.
Pay attention.

Anyone who did not receive one from me, please let me know. I've only had one delivered that I know of (thanks, Erica). All were mailed on January 27. Even the one I sent to my wife has not arrived.

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